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What makes Highlander Worldwide official?

Highlander World Wide is authorized and endorsed by Davis-Panzer, the producer and owner of Highlander as the Official Highlander Fan Club.  Prior to becoming the global Official Fan Club Highlander WorldWide was Highlander DownUnder (HLDU) - the Official Highlander Fan Club of Australasia.


Is joining the HLWW
e-mail list all I have
to do to join HLWW?

Absolutely. There are no other formalities, no joining fees, no membership dues, no arcane initiation rites.



Do I have to be a member of HLWW to be able to attend a convention?

No, we invite any fan of Highlander or our guests to attend our events. Ultimately it makes it easier if you are a member - remember, being a member just requires joining our email list - as you can more easily keep yourself informed of our activities.

Adrian and Peter at HLWW7

If there are no membership fees, how does HLWW finance its activities?

We do this through our fund raising activities. Our auctions and tours are designed to provide not only enjoyment to our members and other Highlander fans, but are also our primary means of raising funds for our other activities, i.e. conventions and workshops.


Highlander Worldwide : ABOUT HLWW : History of hlww and faq

Who is Highlander Worldwide

Highlander WorldWide Incorporated is the Official Highlander Fan Club. It is a voluntary, non-profit association incorporated as such under the laws of New South Wales, Australia. It is authorized and endorsed by Davis-Panzer, the producer and owner of Highlander.

Highlander WorldWide produces a newsletter, conducts conventions, workshops and tours, maintains a members' email list, markets a range of merchandise and conducts regular auctions to support its newsletter, events and conventions.  It also facilitates the lobbying of television networks and movie houses and distributors to maximize the showing of Highlander. It acts as a virtual community for Highlander fans and actively nurtures international world of Highlander and its fandom.

The History of Highlander WorldWide

Highlander WorldWide was inaugurated as the Official Highlander Fan Club on 28 February, 2004. The club was founded in Australia in 1995 by Sonja van den Ende as Highlander DownUnder (HLDU). HLDU produced a regular magazine, The Buzz, and held its first convention in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 1997.

On 25 August 1998 HLDU, under the co-convenorship of Sonja van den Ende and Carmel Macpherson, was recognized by Davis-Panzer Inc. as the Official Highlander Fan Club of Australia. It continued to publish The Buzz and its conventions (held in Brisbane, in 1998 (HLDU2), 2000 (HLDU3), 2001 (HLDU4) and the last convention held under the HLDU banner: 2003 (HLDU5).  These conventions became known internationally as the cons at which all participants knew everybody else's name. HLDU Cons emphasized discussion and participation. All participants met the guests of honor and were given time to chat with them and all received an informative and widely prized Con Book. Over this period many non-Australians joined HLDU.

Highlander fan clubs, recognized by Davis-Panzer as official fan clubs, were founded in both the USA and the UK in the mid 1990s but by 2003 these clubs had ceased to function. At the same time HLDU was expanding its activities. It organized tours of Scotland and Italy for Highlander fans, ensured that it had a visible presence at Highlander conventions and other events in the US and maintained effective relationships with the producers, writers and stars of Highlander. HLDU also produced a number of informative and interesting fan-based interviews and videos to keep alive fan interest in the Highlander oeuvre.

As the only functioning Highlander fan club, HLDU was by 2003 attracting a majority of its members from North America and Europe. Davis-Panzer therefore agreed to transform HLDU into the single international official Highlander fan club - Highlander WorldWide (HLWW).  HLWW was launched to the fan base in 2004 at the Los Angeles Workshop which focussed on 4 of the best episodes from the Series.  In 2005 HLWW6 was held in Sydney) and in 2006 HLWW7 was held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.  Our latest convention took us back to where it all started: HLWW8 in Vancouver in late 2007.

Under the HLWW banner two further tours were also conducted: France in 2004 where we were joined by Peter Wingfield and Scotland in 2006 where Adrian Paul joined us.  These tours were so successful that we also ran a tour in Vancouver where we were joined by Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield and F Braun McAsh.

In January, 2005 the club was incorporated under the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

Highlander WorldWide Disclaimers


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How to join HLWW

Membership of Highlander WorldWide is free.

Membership of Highlander WorldWide is a sign of interest in and commitment to the Highlander world. It gives automatic access to the members' email list which both communicates with members, informs them of all of the latest Highlander events and happenings and gives them the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas about things Highlander with fellow members.

To join all you need to do is apply to join the Highlander World Wide email list by clicking on the button below:

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Please note: As this is a moderated list you may have to wait a few days to have your membership approved.


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