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We are always on the look out for items for inclusion in the next edition of ''The Buzz'. So, if you've got a convention report, a character study, an episode reflection or anything 'Highlander' you'd like to share with your fellow Highlander mortals, we'd love to hear from you. CLICK HERE to drop Tam a line.

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Highlander Worldwide newsletter

The Buzz (ISSN 1441-8894) is the official newsletter of Highlander WorldWide.

The Buzz was founded in 1995 by Sonja van den Ende and has been issued regularly since then. From 1995 until 2003 it was the official magazine of HLDU.

It contains articles, reviews and criticisms (with bias towards participation, analysis and appreciation), pictures and interviews. It has always been enjoyable and thoughtful reading for any Highlander fan.
Issue 25 of the Buzz


An interview with Valentine; Reports from Vancouver; Behind the scenes on the making of 'Reunion'; A Highlander character study; A review of S3, episode 9 and more....

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