HLWW's Excellent

HLWW's Excellent French Adventure


Following on from the success of the first tour to Scotland, HLWW decided to hit the road again.

In October of 2004 it was France. Taking in many of the locations used during the filming of Highlander: The Series, a small group of intrepid fans - armed with a video camera - set off on a week-long tour... accompanied along the way for a couple of days by Peter Wingfield, aka Methos, aka Adam Pierson.

This 100 minute DVD takes in the major highlights from the tour.

Travel with the group and Peter as they visit Provins ("The Hunters", "Methuselah's Gift", "Legacy"), Chantilly ("Prodigal Son", "The Immortal Cimoli"), the Abbey de Chaalis ("Legacy", "Pharoah's Daughter", "Not To Be"), Ferrieres ("Forgive Us Our Trespasses", "Finale"), Bordeaux ("Revelations 6:8") and many of the key locations used in Paris itself, including the historic Shakespeare & Co bookshop, the Quai de la Tournelle (home to the barge and Methos' tunnel), the Church of St Julien Le Pauvre (Darius' church), Notre Dame and of course the Eiffel Tower.

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Peter Wingfield
France 2004

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France Walkabout

As a Highlander fan, you are no doubt amongst the many who have always wondered where some of those wonderful, pivotal scenes were filmed. Where was the barge moored? Where are the gardens where Duncan and Methos met during Forgive Us Our Trespasses? Where exactly is the Shakespeare & Co book shop?

We answered those and many other questions during the HLWW tour of France. We led a small, intimate group on our tour in October; we stood on the very spot where Duncan made love to Tessa in Not To Be; we sat on the steps where Duncan and Richie drank that 300 year old cognac in Prodigal Son; we stood in awe on the Quai where the barge was moored and gazed at Notre Dame; we walked through Methos' tunnel on the Quai; sat in Darius' chapel and relived those scenes from Forgive Us Our Trespasses, The Hunters, Armageddon, Band of Brothers; we danced on the Eiffel Tower... the list goes on!

Using Paris as our base, we traveled in our own bus (and by public train where required) to a variety of beautiful chateaux and medieval towns and abbeys which provided the setting and backdrop to a number of seminal Highlander episodes, including:

We also traveled southwest to Bordeaux on the TGV, France's very fast train, and visited the location of the submarine base and the Hotel de Seze used in Revelations 6:8. We then wound our way back to Paris where we visited all the major Highlander locations, inlcuding:

  • The Quai de la Tournelle
  • Darius' church
  • Shakespeare & Co bookstore
  • Notre Dame
  • the Eiffel Tower

And if that wasn't enough, for two days, we were joined by Peter Wingfield.

The clip on the right is just a snippet from the DVD 'HLWW's Excellent French Adventure' - available for purchase now.

What was included

  • 8 nights twin-share accommodation at each of the 3 hotels we stayed in
  • Our primary mode of transportation to the various locations was a private bus
  • Breakfast was provided every morning. Dinner was provided on 7 of the 8 nights, including a special Saturday night dinner cruise on the Seine
  • A native, French-speaking escort accompanied us on the tour
  • All participants received a personalised folder setting out all pertinent details, pictures of key sites, etc
  • A specially designed tour tote bage
  • A specially designed tour t-shirt
  • And last, but by no means least, the company of that Wingfield chap for a couple of days
Want to take a trip down memory lane, or simply see where our intrepid HLWW trekkers visited?

  • THE HLWW WALKABOUT TO FRANCE, October 2004: Image
  • The HLWW Walkabout to France, October 2004: Image
  • The HLWW Walkabout to France, October 2004: Image
  • The HLWW Walkabout to France, October 2004: Image
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