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To make a purchase online of our DVDs, just check the catalog of DVDs on this page.

1. Select your item(s) by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button. This will pop up a new window with the PayPal logo on and it will contain the item(s) you just selected. If you close this window at any time, please note your item will be stored in your cart until you remove them on the PayPal screen.

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If you are having problems, then please contact our Merchandise Co-Ordinator, Aine

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To make a purchase by mail, there are two steps:

Fill out the online order form and hit submit. (We'll get your order immediately and begin processing it while we await payment to arrive.)
Print the acknowledgment form and send it with your cheque or money order to:

Highlander WorldWide
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Highlander Worldwide : MERCHANDISE : DVD CATALOG

Highlander Worldwide merchandise catalog

Welcome to HLWW's merchandise, sharing with you HLWW events. Through these DVDs re-live fond memories, or catch up with what you may have missed.

We are delighted to announce new releases: The Jim Byrnes Concert from HLWW8 and the Vancouver Tour; new sessions from the 2004 LA Workshop and, back to the when HLWW was HLDU, "Methos – What Game is he Playing'. First released on VHS, is now available on DVD. Also, now available in NTSC. 'A Conversation with Peter Wingfield in Vancouver' (2001).

And still to come .... HLWW9 in LA, the Vancouver Tour Part 2, with Fans and F Braun, HLWW7 in Leeds. We also have plans to extend the range to include photos and other items. Watch this space.

Highlander WordWide DVDs

Below you'll find the range of the DVDs we currently offer. For more information about each, just click on the title or the image and a new browser window will open which will provide full details of the content, format and cost of each item.

If you have difficulties accessing this information, please contact our Merchandise Co-Ordinator, Aine


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Postage and Packing Costs

Within USA
2 DVDs
3 DVDs
4 DVDs
5 DVDs  

A Word about
DVD Region Codes and Formats

As you may know, DVDs come in a range of formats, both in the type of media, and also the format they are recorded in.

Highlander WorldWide DVDs are DVD-R discs. These DVDs will play in most good quality DVD players.

Region Codes:
When DVDs were developed the World was divided into different Regions. Commercially produced DVDs are encoded with the Region (Countries) that the DVD will only be able to play in.

Most DVD players manufactured as ‘Multi-Region’ and can play a DVD for any Region.

For more information on Region Codes, please CLICK HERE

DVD players in computers are also Region coded.  You can reset the region a number of times, before it finally locks onto any particular one.

HLWW DVDs are NOT Region encoded.  They will play in DVD players/Computer in any country, regardless of if your DVD player is a Multi-Region player, or not.  Subject to the format – see below.

DVDs come in different formats, predominantly, NTSC or PAL.  NTSC and PAL relate to the format your Television and DVD player is capable of receiving and playing.  In most countries your Television and DVD player will be capable of both NTSC and PAL.  Computers can interpret both.

For information on the NTSC format please CLICK HERE

For information on the PAL format please CLICK HERE

However, currently, our USA and Canada members are less likely to have a Television that can receive and playback a non NTSC signal.

The majority of HLWW DVD sales are to the USA/Canada and UK/Europe – all of which can play the NTSC format. HLWW members in other countries have indicated that the NTSC format is not an issue for them. Hence recent, and all new HLWW DVDs, are available in the NTSC format, only.

If this is a problem for you, or you would like further information on anything to do with HLWW DVDs, please contact our Merchandise Co-Ordinator, Aine

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