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The Methos Chronicles - secrets never die

What was
Methos about?

As David Abramowitz (head writer for Highlander: The seies,) said so eloquently,

"Methos was great fun because we thought, rather than playing him as the old sage, we thought about someone who had been through the old sage moment and through the irony moment and through all those moments in his life for every couple hundred years and now he comes to this conclusion that (and I have to say it was what Methos philosophy was) "Shit happens, deal with it and survive'

That's what Methos was about."

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The Methos Chronicles

The Methos Chronicles is a 2001 animated internet Flash series based on Methos, a character drawn from Highlander: The Series. Peter Wingfield was the voice actor for the main character of the short series, which lasted only one eight-episode season.

The animation quality was considered by most to be poor, but it has found something of a cult following amongst die-hard Highlander fans. The Chronicles had eight flash animated episodes, and most of the episodes contained flashbacks of Ancient Egypt.

The series was left incomplete in 2001, but new fan-made episodes have begun to come out.

Created by
Davis-Panzer Productions
Peter Wingfield
No. of episodes
Running time
1 minute per episode

The Methos Chronicles, synopsis

Methos Chronicles

Episode One

Methos was travelling to Tokyo, Japan when he heard a news on television that there was a major discovery in Aswan High Dam, Southern Egypt by Egyptian Museum's explorers. Dr. Mina Abadi, the head of Archeologist and Egyptologist, announced that they had found ain the tomb under the Aswan river. That shocked Methos and brought back some bad memories sarcophagus when he was in Egypt, almost five millennia ago.

Episode Two

Methos remembered that back when he was still very young, he was married to a nomad girl and lived at the deserts of Sina. Life was hard and tough back then, but they managed to survive. It was until Egyptians, ordered by Pharaoh Djer, came and ambushed their nomad camps in the deserts and killed all the nomads. The order was known as the Smiting of the Sinai. Pharaoh Djer ordered everyone that occupied his land without paying taxes to be exterminated. Methos' wife was killed during the ambush and Methos himself was 'killed', at least temporarily.

Episode Three

Still back in the ancient Egypt, many years had passed, and Methos was stranded in the deserts, facing hunger, thirst and dying over and over again, but he could not die. It was not until he was captured and being brought to the Pharaoh's Palace because he was stealing figs, and faced a death sentence. Before he was sentenced to death, Pharaoh Djer himself came to the court house and ordered the court to spare his life. Apparently, Pharaoh Djer was an immortal.

Episode Four

In the present day, Methos was visiting Egyptian Museum in Cairo accompanied by the Director of the Egyptian Museum, Dr. Khattemi. Methos wanted to see Dr. Mina Abadi, to discuss the discovery of the Sarcophagus and the mysterious Scarab of Sword. He broke one of the glass cases in the museum to gain attention because he knew that he would not be allowed to talk to Dr. Mina Abadi. Methos was arrested.

Episode Five

Meanwhile, Dr. Mina Abadi had found a mysterious Scarab which attached onto the back of the Sarcophagus she had discovered with her scientists and explorers. During the flashback, Pharaoh Djer had a reason why he saved Methos' life from death sentence; he wanted Methos to be his heir of the throne.

Episode Six

Dr. Khattemi informed Dr. Mina Abadi that someone had broken one of the glass cases in the museum and demanded to speak with her. He also informed her that someone knew about the discovery of the Scarab of Sword. The news surprised her because she had not announced the discovery nor conducted an experiment. She eagerly wanted to speak with Methos in jail.

Flashback to the ancient Egypt, Methos was shown around Pharaoh Djer's Kingdom and Palace, and the Pharaoh informed him that he would be the heir to the throne. He chose Methos because he had a premonition and a repetitive dream about a stranger immortal coming from the desert who would be the next of heir to the throne. As an immortal, Pharaoh Djer did not have children, thus he waited for years of the stranger to come. Djer had been bored and tired of being the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt. He wanted to retire and even offered his head to Methos when the time came so Methos would rule the kingdom with undeniable power.

Methos did not even think about the offer; he could only think about avenging the death of his nomad wife and the people he had commanded. But he did not say anything or take any action; he bided his time. Methos was so blinded with revenge. "I yearned to pierce his body with a thousand swords and shove his reputation down his blood-choked throat. But of necessity, I held my tongue to bite with better venom."

Episode Seven

Dr. Mina Abadi visited Methos in jail. Methos introduced himself as Adam Pierson. Dr. Mina Abadi asked him how did he know about the discovery of Scarab of Sword. Methos did not answer, but merely said to her that he would make her the world's most famous Egyptologist, if she took him to someone. She didn't understand but was intrigued, especially when he said that he wanted her to take him to see Pharaoh Djer.

During the flashback, Methos was conducting a plan to avenge his wife's death. He did not want to kill the Pharaoh; it would be too easy and less painful. He wanted Djer to suffer like he was after the death of his family and friends. While Djer was sleeping, Methos crept outside Djer's window and shot a poison dart at him. Djer was killed, but before he revived, Methos mummified his body. Methos put him into the sarcophagus and closed the lid. He buried the Pharaoh in the tomb. The next day, Methos had become the new Pharaoh of Egypt.

"It was to be an eternity of suffering for him, and the beginning of glory for me. The next morning I became the new pharaoh of Egypt."

During this episode, it was depicted that one of the reasons why he became evil was because of the pain and the dark secret he held. Methos had chosen the dark path from then on.

Episode Eight

In the final episode of The Methos Chronicles, Methos confronts his ancient enemy in modern Cairo. And yet something goes dreadfully wrong.

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