The Search for Vengeance
Director's Cut
The American version of the film is shorter for pacing and timing than Kawajiri's original edit which has more scenes but no opening exposition text sequence, which is traditional for Highlander films. Kawajiri was unhappy with the American version but his original version will be released as a director's cut edition in 2008.
The Search for Vengeance
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from Highlander:
The Seach for Vengeance
Search for Vengeance
Premiere dates
20/04/07 USA - Anime Boston
30/07/07 USA TV Premiere
Sci Fi Channel - Ani-Monday
16/01/08 Italy - Future Film Festival

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Highlander - The Search for Vengeance

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance is an animated spin-off of the cult film, Highlander. It was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) and was written by David Abramowitz, also the writer for Highlander: The Series, Highlander: The Raven and Highlander: The Source.

The film was a joint venture between Imagi Animation Studios and Madhouse Studio with Imagi providing the script and the soundtrack while Madhouse produced the animation. It was produced in association with Davis Panzer Productions and was distributed by Manga Entertainment on the June 5, 2007. It aired July 30, 2007 on Sci Fi's Ani-Monday block.

Directed by
Yoshiaki Kawajiri
The Search for Vengeance
Produced by
Peter Davis
Bill Panzer
Thomas K. Gray
H. Galen Walker
Written by
David Abramowitz
Alistair Abell Colin MacLeod
Zachary Samuels Marcus Octavius
Scott McNeil Amergan
Debi Mae West Dahlia
Janyse Jaud Kyala
Jim Byrnes Doc Rudy
Kathleen Barr Moya
Scott McNeil Gregor Lab Director
Music by
Jussi Tegelman, Nathan Wang
Release date
June 5, 2007

Highlander - The Search for Vengeance

The character Colin MacLeod finds himself in a race against time to stop his enemy, Marcus Octavius, from releasing a plague upon New York City. The modern story is intercut with the story of MacLeod's previous encounter with Octavius, the man who killed his wife.

Colin MacLeod became Immortal after his first death in 125 AD in Roman Britain, when his village was attacked by the conquering Romans. Immortal Marcus Octavius was leading the Roman Empire's military forces in hopes of creating his long-dreamt-of utopian society. Octavius killed Colin's wife, but was not able to kill Colin himself, as his body had landed within Stonehenge on holy ground.

Waking days later within Stonehenge, Colin is left confused about who and what he is, and how he is not dead. It is at this moment that the spirit of a former druid of this holy site, Amergan, begins communicating with MacLeod, and explains to him what he is. Colin learns of The Game from Amergan, and the druid becomes his life-long teacher and conscience.

The movie interlaces flashback scenes of this and Colin's following plight for vengeance throughout time, as Marcus attempts to re-enact his utopian society through force and fear. Colin finds Octavius in a post-apocalyptic future New York City, where he is busy making plans to release a deadly virus. After a final duel, Colin defeats Octavius, and his Quickening destroys the virus in question.

Search for VengeanceColin's heritage

Colin was born in Roman Britain, but his true surname, which is never given, was not MacLeod at birth. One of the flashback scenes shows him achieving this honor after he fought alongside Clan MacLeod in an unknown battle, presumably because Octavius was fighting for the opposition. The Clansmen honor Colin, and name him a MacLeod for giving his life for their cause. Once he regains life, as all Immortals do, Colin adopts the name and keeps it for the rest of his life, as it was with the MacLeods that Colin learnt values that would one day assist him in overcoming his unyielding lust for vengeance. Colin is the second Highlander MacLeod that was not born as one, as Duncan was also born outside of the bloodline and adopted.

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