1. The Battlefield
2. Mirrdhen'sLament/Clan MacLeod
3. The Witch Of Skye
4. Magic of the Old Gods
5. Duncan's Awakening
6. The Banishment
7. The Highlander
8. Fritagern The Visigoth
9. For Forever
10. Heaven Cries

11. In The 21st Century
12. Bonny Eyes
13. Fritagern's Return
14. Tower In The Sky
15. Abandoned
16. Skeleton's Dancing

17. Bonny Portmore
18. Aurora's Song
19. The Wedding
20. There Can Be Only One
21. Forever In You
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A celtic opera

Highlander a Celtic Opera

This cd is an original three act opera based on the Highlander - The Series and on the hit feature film Highlander. It is an original work by Highlander series composer Roger Bellon with Harlan Collins.

The CD runs 72.20 andfeatures vocal performances by Steve Amerson (Duncan MacLeod) and Karen Fineman (Aurora) in addition to a new version of the traditional song Bonny Portmore.

Highlander - A Celtic Opera is divided into three acts, with the first section, composed of 10 tunes, focusing on MacLeod's origin nearly 400 years ago. Through passionate ballads like "The Battlefield," "The Banishment" and "Heaven Cries," the melodies outline the Highlander's mystical rejuvenation by the Witch of Skye and his exile from Clan MacLeod. The tender "For Forever" introduces Duncan's mortal lover, Aurora, while the aggressive "Fritagern the Visigoth" offers the first appearance of his ageless nemesis.

Act II opens four centuries later in Paris, where Duncan lives in luxury atop the Eiffel Tower. The six compositions in this segment largely address longings for love and death. "In the 21st Century" reveals that MacLeod has recently cloned the long-dead Aurora. Unfortunately, their first meeting is interrupted by Fritagern, and Duncan is forced, in a melancholy cut titled "Abandoned," to reveal his immortality to Aurora. She thinks he's insane and runs away, leaving him despondent.

The third act begins with the traditional ballad "Bonny Portmore" and sets the stage for a showdown between Duncan and Fritagern in Scotland. Aurora has returned, realizing that, although she may physically age, her love for Duncan is everlasting. As the two are about to be married, Fritagern challenges MacLeod to a final duel. Who will emerge victorious? Well, as true Highlander fans know, and as the penultimate song on this CD declares, "There Can Be Only One."

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