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Princes of the Universe
Directed by Russell Mulcahy and shot on a set used in the film, the video features a 'sword fight' between Christopher Lambert and Freddie Mercury, intercut with scenes from the movie, although some would question the fairness of the battle as while Lambert was armed with a katana, Freddie was armed not with a sword but instead with his signature microphone stand.
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John Deacon
Princes of the Universe
Princes of the Universe was never released as a single in the UK.
Princes of the Universewas released on the "A Kind of Magic" album in 1996.
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Brian May
John Deacon

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Quen and Highlander
Russell Mulchay and Queen
In 1985 Peter Davis and Bill Panzer signed Derek Power as the music supervisor of their up and coming film, Highlander.

Power had several discussions with the film's director, Russell Mulchay - who had also helmed many music videos - about having a rock band create contemporary music for the soundtrack, to mix in with an orchestral score. Although potential bands included The Police, David Bowie and Duran Duran, the two ultimately chose Queen.
Kind of Magic by Queen
The members of the band reviewed the film and enthusiastically signed on to the project.

All four members of Queen wrote songs for the film and Brian May worked closely with composer Michael Kamen to orchestrate the movie's key theme song, 'Who Wants To Live Forever'.

Queen recorded nine songs beginning in September of 1985 at the Town House Studios in London, delivering final mixes as the year closed.

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Highlander Soundtrack

"A KIND OF MAGIC" Written by Roger Taylor
Written by John Deacon
"HAMMER TO FALLl" Written by Brian May
"WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER" Written by Brian May
"PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE" Written by Freddie Mercury
"GIMME THE PRIZE (Kurgan's Theme)" Written by Brian May
"A DOZEN RED ROSES FOR MY DARLING" Written by Roger Taylor
"NEW YORK, NEW YORK" Written by John Kander and Fred Ebb
Recording Highlander

The Queen recording sessions took place from November 10th 1985 until December 13th 1985, at the Townhouse, 150, Goldhawk Road, London, SW10.

BRIAN MAY- guitar and keyboards,
JOHN DEACON - bass and saxaphone,
ROGER TAYLOR- drums and guitar,
FREDDIE MERCURY - vocals & keyboards.
QUeen and Russell Mulchay
New York, New York  


The brief snippet of "New York, New York" performed by Queen during the movie has never been released officially on an album or single by the group.Several of the songs featured in the film are alternate versions to those released and also remain in the vaults of Queen Productions.

Despite an advertisement in the credits, no soundtrack album was ever released; the closest to a soundtrack was Queen's "A Kind Of Magic" album, which featured many Highlander songs and some snippets of film dialogue.

Freddie Mercury and Queen
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Who wants to
live forever
Queen were invited to see a rough cut of the film so they could get ideas for the soundtrack. Brian May wrote "Who Wants To Live Forever" during the cab ride home after seeing the film, and Roger Taylor used the line "It's a kind of magic" as the basis for the end title song.
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WHo wants to live forever
The Queen song "ONE YEAR OF LOVE" (which can be heard in the background in the scene where Brenda meets Connor in the bar) was never released as a single in Europe or the US, but was a hit in Japan.
The 7" single was released as part of the Highlander marketing wave, and its label said it was from the forthcoming soundtrack album (which never surfaced). It was, however, featured on the "It's a Kind of Magic" album.
Brian May
Brian May
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