Connor Highlander II
Release dates
31 Jan 1991
6 Feb 1991
14 June 91
5 July 91
16 Aug 1991
1 Nov 1991

26 Dec 199

Jan 1992
21 Feb 1992
9 May 92
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Filming Locations

Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina.

Dique de Ull&uacutem, San Juan, Argentina (Opening, when the actor is running besides water)


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The Shield
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Highlander II


Highlander II the Quickening

In the future, Connor MacLeod must prevent the destruction of Earth under an anti-ozone shield.

Directed by:
Russell Mulcahy
Produced by:
Guy Collins, Peter S. Davis, E.C. Monell, William N. Panzer
Written by:
Characters: Gregory Widen
Story: Brian Clemens, William N. Panzer
Screenplay: Peter Bellwood

Sean Connery
Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez
Virginia Madsen
Louise Marcus
Christopher Lambert
Connor MacLeod
Michael Ironside
Gen. Katana
Allan Rich
Allan Neyman
John C. McGinley
David Blake
Phil Brock
Rusty Schwimmer
Ed Trucco
Steven Grives
Hamlet (as Stephen Grives)
Jimmy Murray
Pete Antico
Peter Bucossi
Peter Bromilow
Jeff Altman
Music by:
Stewart Copeland
Distributed by:
Republic Pictures
Running time:
Theatrical Cut: 91 min.   Director's Cut: 109 min.   Argentina Cut: 92 min.

Highlander II - The Quickening, Trailer and synopsis

Highlander II Trailer

Highlander II taglines

In August of 1995, news broadcasts announce that the ozone layer is fading, and will be completely gone in a matter of months. In Africa, millions have perished from the effects of unfiltered sunlight. Among the dead is Connor MacLeod’s wife, Brenda Wyatt MacLeod. Before dying, Brenda extracts a promise from Connor that he will solve the problem of the ozone layer.

By 1999, Connor has become the supervisor of a scientific team headed by Dr. Allan Neyman (Allan Rich), which is attempting to create an electromagnetic shield to cover the planet, and protect it from the Sun’s radiation. The team succeeds, in effect giving Earth an artificial ozone layer. MacLeod and Neyman are proud to have saved humanity, and believe they will be remembered for a thousand years. Unfortunately, the shield has the side effect of condemning the planet to a state of constant night. By 2024, the years of darkness have caused humanity to lose hope and fall into a decline. The Shield has fallen under the control of the Shield Corporation. The corporation’s current chief executive, David Blake (John C. McGinley), is focused on profit, and is imposing fees for the corporation’s services. A number of terrorist groups have begun trying to take down the Shield, among them Louise Marcus (Virginia Madsen), a former employee of the Shield Corporation.

COnnor and RamirezMeanwhile, Connor MacLeod, now a frail old man expects to eventually die of natural causes. As he watches a performance of Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, an image of Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery) appears, and induces MacLeod to recall a forgotten event of his past.

Five hundred years earlier, on the planet Zeist, a last meeting is held between the members of a rebellion against the rule of General Katana (Michael Ironside). The rebellion’s leader, Ramirez, chooses "a man of great destiny" from among them, MacLeod, to carry out a mission against Katana. At this moment, Katana and his troops attack, crushing the rebellion. Katana orders his men to capture Ramirez and MacLeod alive, and kill the rest of the rebels. The two captives are put on trial by Zeist’s priests, who sentence them to be exiled and reborn on Earth as Immortals in pursuit of "The Prize." Winning the Prize gives the victor the choice to either grow old and die on Earth, or to return to Zeist. Katana is unsatisfied with their decision, but the sentence is executed, leading to the events of the original 1986 film.

Back on Earth of 2024, Louise Marcus discovers that the ozone layer has in fact restored itself naturally, which means that the Shield is no longer needed. The Shield Corporation is aware of this development, but has chosen to hide it from the general public, in order to maintain its main source of profit. Meanwhile, on Zeist, General Katana decides that Connor cannot be allowed to return to Zeist, and sends his Immortal henchmen Corda (Pete Antico) and Reno (Peter Bucossi) to Earth to kill him. Louise manages to reach Connor first, and asks for his help in taking down the Shield. To Louise’s disappointment, she finds the passionate person she once admired has grown into a tired old man. MacLeod explains to Louise that he is dying, and expresses his disapproval of terrorism. Before Connor and Louise can finish their conversation, Corda and Reno attack. MacLeod decapitates them both, regaining his youthful appearance by absorbing their energy during the Quickening. In the process, Connor summons Ramirez.

In Glencoe, Scotland — the location of his death in the first Highlander film — Ramirez is revived. He finds himself on a theatrical stage during a performance of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Meanwhile, Connor has found a new lover in Louise Marcus. He attempts unsuccessfully to explain to her the concepts of his immortality. Elsewhere, General Katana arrives in New York, the scene of The Gathering and begins wreaking havoc.HighlanderII

Both Ramirez and Katana soon adapt to their new environment. Ramirez’s earrings are apparently valuable enough to pay both for the new suit he acquires from the finest and oldest tailor’s shop in Scotland, and for an airplane ticket to New York City. Katana finds New York much to his liking. After entertaining himself for a while, Katana manages to locate his old enemy, but their first encounter in centuries proves to be indecisive. Soon thereafter, Connor is contacted by Ramirez. The latter joins MacLeod and Louise in their plan to take down the Shield. Katana, expecting this, forges an uneasy alliance with David Blake. The conflict between the two sets of allies eventually leads to the deaths of Dr. Allan Neyman, Ramirez, David Blake and General Katana himself. MacLeod succeeds in taking down the Shield by using the combined energies of his final Quickening from General Katana. Louise sees the stars for the first time in her life. Connor then claims The Prize by returning to Zeist with Louise. (Note: in the theatrical and DVD versions, both remain on Earth.)

Recurring motifs

A number of intentional similarities can be seen between the first three films in the series:

  • Each features a scene in which Connor, without a sword handy, is forced to parry another Immortal's weapon with a metal rod. This is seen during Connor's first encounter with The Kurgan during The Gathering in the original, the fight between an aged Connor and assassins Corda and Reno in II, and in Connor's final battle against Kane in III.
  • Another repeated sequence features the main villain entertain himself with an uncontrollable joyride, causing mayhem along the way. The Kurgan recklessly drives around New York City after abducting Brenda Wyatt. General Katana commandeers a subway train, and crashes it at maximum speed, killing everyone aboard. Kane kidnaps Connor's adopted son John and uses the power of illusion to frighten him.
  • In each film's first major confrontation within the present-day timeline (coincidentally, all of them taking place in New York City), the main villain's opening move is to sneak up behind Connor MacLeod, raising his sword for an easy victory while Connor (who can feel his presence) is facing away from him. Connor always manages to avoid the sneak attack.
  • After beheading the main opponent, Connor Macleod says the phrase "There can be only one." The villains, on the other hand, say the phrase just before attempting to behead Connor.
  • Connor confronts his opponents on holy ground at least once in each of the movies, where they taunt him and remind him of the rules of "The Game."
  • In every final battle with a major opponent, Connor wears denim jeans and a jacket, along with his gloves and katana.
  • Immediately after revealing his secret to the female lead of the film, Connor says "...and I cannot die." He and his co-star immediately kiss.

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