Highlander III
Release dates
30 Nov 94
9 Dec 94
5 Jan 95
17Jan 95
18 Jan 95
19 Jan 95
27 Jan 95
2 March 95
3 March 95
31 March 95
21 April 95
27 April 95
12 Aug 95
5 Dec 95
Connor MacLeod

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Connor MacLeod: Where is Kane?
Warrior #1: Don't worry about him. Worry about me.

Kane: I'll see you in hell!
Connor MacLeod: I'll be the judge of that.


Highlander III The Final Dimension

Directed by:
Andrew Morahan
Produced by:
Guy Collins, Charles L. Smiley, Claude Léger

Written by:

Characters: Gregory Widen Story: Brad Mirman, William N. Panzer Screenplay: Paul Ohl, René Manzor, Brad Mirman


Christopher Lambert ... Connor MacLeod / Russell Nash
Mario Van Peebles ... Kane
Deborah Kara Unger ... Alex Johnson / Sarah
Mako ... Nakano
Raoul Trujillo ... Warrior #1
Jean-Pierre Perusse ... Warrior #2
Martin Neufeld ... Stenn
Frederick Y. Okimura ... Old Japanese Man
Daniel Do ... Takamura
Gabriel Kakon ... John
Louis Bertignac ... Pierre Bouchet
Michael Jayston ... Jack Donovan

Running time:

Theatrical Cut: 106 min.   UK Cut : 99 min.   Argentina Cut: 102 min.

Highlander III - The Final Dimension, trailer and synopsis

Highlander III Trailer

This trailer has been taken from the advertising for the 'Directors' Cut' DVD.


Nakano and Connor

16th century

Some time after the death of his wife Heather, Connor travels to Japan to request training from the Immortal Japanese sorcerer Nakano. Nakano holds his residence in a cave of Mount Niri, and has gained a reputation as a master of Illusion.

However, another Immortal named Kane is also interested in mastering the power of Illusion. He is making his way across Asia in order to reach Nakano again, with two henchmen in tow (Khabul Khan and Senghi Khan). Entering a nearby village seeking information, they proceed to burn it to the ground, and massacre its population.

Eventually, they reach the cave. Kane soon manages to defeat and decapitate Nakano, despite Connor's attempts to prevent this.However, the energies released during The Quickening cause the cave to collapse. The Highlander manages to escape in time, but Kane and his men are left trapped inside the depths of the mountain. Their situation prevents them from participating in "The Gathering" of 1985.

Guillotine18th century

In 1788/1789, Connor was in France, where he makes the acquaintance of Sarah Barrington, an Englishwoman visiting relatives there, and who happens to resemble the future Alex Johnson. The two eventually become lovers. However, when the French Revolution begins, MacLeod becomes involved.

MacLeod is captured, and sentenced to death by guillotine for treason against King Louis XVI of France. His Immortal friend Pierre Bouchet explains that he was tired of his immortal life, and dupes the guards into executing him in his place. Connor is falsely reported deceased. Believing her lover dead, Sarah is left grieving. After his escape, MacLeod returns to discover that she has moved on with her life by marrying another man, and having children.

Modern day

In 1994, Connor is living with his adopted son John in Marakesh. It is revealed that in 1987, Brenda Wyatt, the woman he married after the Gathering, was killed in a car accident. Although he survived the accident himself, he still believes that "The Game" is over. Meanwhile, in Japan, two archaeologists have started excavating a cave in order to discover whether the legend of the sorcerer Nakano was based on fact. One of these archaeologists is Dr. Alexandra "Alex" Johnson, whose interests in the legend eventually lead her to Connor MacLeod. Connor is intrigued by Alex due to her resemblance to Sarah.

SwordThe excavations free Kane, who immediately sets out in pursuit of Connor. MacLeod leaves John in the care of his friend Jack Donovan, and then departs to New York City to engage in the final showdown for the Prize. However, as Khabul's decapitated body is found in a hospital washroom, Lt. John Stenn goes on the trail of the main suspect of the 1985 "headhunter" case, Russell Nash. Russell Nash was the alias used by MacLeod during the time of the Gathering. As Alex investigates a piece of cloth found on the site, she discovers that it is a shred of a kilt, with a design that designates a branch of the MacLeod family. This leads her to Nash Antiques, where Connor has returned in preparation for the battle against Kane.

SwordThe Highlander is confronted on Holy Ground at a former Buddhist shrine by Kane, who proceeds to challenge him. The resulting fight is a violation of the Immortal Golden Rule; the battle ends when MacLeod's katana blade is shattered. Kane flees and Connor decides to return to Scotland to build another sword. Alex tracks him down, and the two quickly fall in love. However, the trip is cut short, as MacLeod learns from Jack Donovan that his son John is on a plane bound for New York. MacLeod returns as quickly as possible, but he's too late. Kane abducts John, and holds him hostage to lure MacLeod to him.

MacLeod meets Kane in an old church mission, and then follows him into an abandoned power plant for their final battle. The Highlander defeats Kane, wins the Prize by receiving the final Quickening, and returns to Scotland with Alex and John to live out the rest of his natural life.

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