The Complte Watcher's Guide

 The Complete Watcher's Guide

This is the only authorised history of Highlander going behind the scenes and meeting the people responsible for the legend.

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The actors who bring the Immortals and their Watchers to life
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The writers who ask timeless questions about good and evil, right and wrong
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The producers who make it hapen
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The directors who shared their vision
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The designers who give the show its exquisite look in both the past and present
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The swordmaster who helps th eImmortals wage thier exciting battles
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The wizards who work their magic in postproduction

The must-read for everyone who loves the passion, the romance, the beauty, the mystery, and the adventure that is HIGHLANDER.
The best of Highlander

The Best of Highlander

This book is a superb high quality production done by Maureen Russell who was engaged by Davis-Panzer in 1999 to showcase certain episodes.  Through interviews with cast and crew she is able to offer insights into the writing and filming that do not appear elsewhere. 

The episodes coverered are Band of Brothers; Legacy, The Samurai; Methos; Homeland; Something Wicked & Deliverance; Methuselah’s Gift; Til Death; The End of Innocence; Comes a Horseman & Revelations 6:8; Duende.  There are many colored pictures to illustrate the episode discussions.



by Garry Douglas Kilworth,
David Marshall


Highlander library

An evening at Joes
An evening at Joe's


An anthology of stories of the adventures of Duncan MacLeod and the immortals written by the people who knew them best, the cast and crew of the Highlander Series. An Evening at Joe's includes short fiction by:

Don Anderson (Assistant Props Master)
Roger Bellon (Composer)
Dennis Berry (Director)
Laura Brennan (Script Coordinator)
Jim Byrnes ("Joe Dawson")
Anthony De Longis ("Otavio Consone")
Ken Gord (Producer)

Gillian Horvath (Associate Creative Consultant)
Peter Hudson ("James Horton")
Stan Kirsch ("Richie Ryan")
Donna Lettow (Associate Creative Consultant)
F. Braun McAsh (Swordmaster and "Hans Kershner")
Valentine Pelka ("Kronos")
Peter Wingfield ("Methos")

Scotland the Brave

Highlander: The Element of Fire is the first official Highlander novel based on Highlander: The Serieswritten by Jason Henderson.

This story chronicles Duncan MacLeod's training days with Connor MacLeod and the friendship between the two Highlanders through the centuries. A bloodthirsty Immortal pirate vows to kill the Highlander, making up for a fearsome enemy that haunts them for hundreds of years.

Highlander: Scimitar is the second official Highlander novel written by Ashley McConnell.

When Joe Dawson receives an ancient sword, it triggers Duncan's remembrance of his involvement in the Arab Revolt in 1916.

Highlander: Scotland the Brave is the third official Highlander novel written by Jennifer Roberson.

Annie Devlin returns to draw Duncan MacLeod into a new quest to win independence for Scotland. He is reluctant, given his history with failed attempts to free his homeland, including his culpability in the fate of the Stone of Scone.

Measure of a man
The Path

Highlander: Measure of a Man Written by Nancy Holder, is the fourth official Highlander novel.

In Venice, Italy, in 1655, Duncan MacLeod meets legendary manipulator - and apparently, Immortal - Niccolò Machiavelli. Duncan only narrowly escaped Machiavelli's machinations once; he may not be so lucky when the Prince of Lies resurfaces in 20th Century North America.

Highlander: The Path is the fifth official Highlander novel written by Rebecca Neason.

In 1781, Duncan MacLeod meets a different kind of Immortal - the Dalai Lama. Soon the Highlander embarks on the path to enlightenment and peace. But that peace may be short-lived when the Immortal Nasiradeen invades Tibet.

Highlander: Zealot is the sixth official Highlander novel written by Donna Lettow, who was a junior member of the writing team
for the series

The Hebrew warrior Avram Mordecai has defended his people since the Roman siege of Masada, through 2000 years of Diaspora, ghettos, pogroms and the Holocaust. And MacLeod has fought beside him, saving Jews from the Nazis in World War II. Now the Highlander is protecting a beautiful Palestinian diplomat at peace talks that the Zealot has vowed to disrupt by any means - including murder...

Shadow of Obsession
Captive Soul
White Silence

Highlander: Shadow of Obsession This is the seventh official Highlander novel written by Rebecca Neason.

Once Darius was a man of war, laying siege to Rome. Centuries later, as a man of God, Darius touched the life of Duncan MacLeod. Now a spurned lover from Darius' warrior days returns for revenge against all he called friend.

Highlander: The Captive Soul is the eighth official Highlander novel written by Josepha Sherman. It is the first novel to focus in the character of Methos, rather than Duncan MacLeod.

Three millennia past, Methos aided the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs when the Hyksos invaded. He reluctantly becomes a spy inside the Hyksos royal house, when he meets the Immortal - and thoroughly insane - Prince Khyan. Methos misses his chance to take the madman's head, a mistake that returns to haunt him in New York when Khyan returns to find his sword, killing all in his path.

Highlander: White Silence is the ninth official Highlander novel written by Ginjer Buchanan.

Duncan MacLeod, Hugh Fitzcairn and his young apprentice Danny O'Donal get trapped in the frozen Yukon. There they face their deaths... over and over and over again.

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